Dirty Dancing. The Time of Your Life.

By: Amanda Narcisi

Dirty Dancing

In the late 80’s a movie came into theaters that made us all fall in love and dance the night away. Dirty Dancing made Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey a household name and introduced a generation to the skirt twirling, basement hiding dance. For some of the generation it was a gripping love story that talked about love, sex and a whole bunch of rock n’ roll.

Dirty Dancing came to Heinz Hall May 23rd-28th with some dancing in the lobby and people posing in front of the “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” backdrop. Dirty Dancing on stage followed the movie scene for scene and absolutely line for line. The dancing was just the finishing touch. The choreography for Dirty Dancing was amazing. All of the favorite moves from the movie were there including “The Lift”.  The scenes for the lift practice and the scene of them in the woods dancing was wonderfully displayed with some back lighting and a backdrop.

Christopher Tierney plays Johnny Castle with the same smoothy sexiness that gave Patrick Swayze the proper tribute. Rachel Boone played the perfect Baby with every thing from the curly hair to awkwardness of her first dance move. Dr. and Mrs. Houseman and Lisa Houseman played by Jon Edward Powell, Hannah Jane McMurray and Alyssa Brizzi. They were portrayed perfectly. The dad has his stern and loud moments with the mom playing a quiet understanding, but stern voice. Alyssa Brizzi played the best Lisa that could be imagined. She was sassy and ditzy and a whole lot of pretty.

All of the other favorite characters were there like Max and Neil Kellerman and entire cast of singers and dancers.

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