By: Amanda Narcisi

Photo courtosy of Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Photo courtosy of Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic that many have enjoyed. It tells the story of friendship and finding home. 

Wicked is the Story of Oz from a different perspective. Wicked is the story before Dorothy, when two witches meet. One is Evil and one is Good. At first they are rivals and become friends until the world splits them apart.

On Saturday February 3rd Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is making a commitment to children and adults on the autism spectrum by presenting a performance of Wicked with sensitivity to sound and lights. Follow this link for a special code to purchase tickets.

Wicked runs from January 15th through February 9th with various dates and times. For tickets call (412) 456-4800, go to Box Office at Theater Square, 655 Penn Avenue or visit www.TrustArts.org.