Book Of Mormon Returns to Heinz Hall

By: Amanda Narcisi

A favorite is returning to Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh this month. Book of Mormon makes a triumphant return to the stage in Pittsburgh. 


The Controversy

Two of the gentleman behind Book of Mormon, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone, have stirred controversy for years with South Park. The Book of Mormon originally opened on Broadway in 2011. I didn’t know how much fun I was about to have. Among the shocked faces outlined in the audience were gut-busting laughter and tears of joy.

The Story

The story behind Book of Mormon is two Mormon missionaries are sent to Africa to baptize and convert as many people to the church as possible. Hilarity ensues when one of the missionaries, Arnold; played by Conner Pierson, never read the book and makes up the story when his missionary partner abandons him. Gabe Gibbons plays Elder Price; he abandons Arnold for his love of Orlando and wanting to perform his mission there. The tribe that the missionaries are trying to convert are under civil war with from a terrorist and also have an outbreak of AIDS. While none of these things are funny, the clash of culture does play out to be ridiculous.

RS11434_Kim Exum, Conner Peirson - The Book of Mormon (c) Julieta Cervantes 2017-scr.jpg

The Music

The music of The Book of Mormon will have you dancing and have so many cryptic lyrics that you have to listen to it a few times to get all the laughs. The dancing and costumes are so well done, and the scene changes were impeccable. I can see why this show sells out every year it comes to the Benedum Theater.

This run of Book of Mormon is from Tuesday, April 16th through April 21st with various showtimes at Heinz Hall in the heart of The Cultural District. Get tickets at

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