What We Want From Pittsburgh in 2016.

It is the end of 2015 and there is already the post about what to look forward to from Pittsburgh in 2016 or how amazing 2015 was for Da ‘Burgh. I want BOLD to have a different perspective: What we want from Pittsburgh in 2016.

Our Wishlist:

1) Continued revitalization of the Northside/Mexican War Streets/Duecthtown/Troy Hill.  A Crazy Mocha, a Commonwealth Coffee, Deli on North, Scratch Food & Beverage, The Allegheny Inn and Nova Place have started paving the way to this revitalization. The sad news that the plans for The Garden Theatre were gone to the financial waste side made everyone optimistic for a shiny new Northside. With plans of extended bike lanes, Faros Bros buying up most of the square, a renovation of Penn Brewery and these new business that opened in the last three months we are looking forward to the day when we can walk through the neighborhoods grabbing lunch and shopping.


2) The Strip District Terminal Building. Sure the Strip District is going to share it’s foodie life with some tech life in the very near future. There is a beautiful building sitting empty with too many talking about what will happen to it. As of December 4th the development group decided on more office and retail space. Our hope is that it will happen in 2016. We are ready for it. Make it happen.

3) Give us back the Duck and the Knit the Bridge. 2015 brought us Picklesburgh and…well that is about it. The Regatta got cancelled. We just want to see another party that the whole city gets excited for; that people traveled to us just to see it. Give us another Giant Rubber Duck or Knit the Bridge. They made people travel into the city, party and smile. Bring us another party Pittsburgh. 

4) Shop small Pittsburgh. This past year we were able to meet a lot of small business, start-ups and people with big Pittsburgh dreams. We wish this continues into 2016 so more businesses and dreams make us want to shop and do more.

5) More Transportation. Keep up the great work with ride sharing. Lyft, Uber and Bike Sharing can continue and grow next year. More Bike lanes. More drivers. More ozone friendly options. We do wish that the trolley went back to Allentown. There are so many cool things to do there. There is a need for the Brown Line to make a comeback.

6) A Stanley Cup, a Super Bowl, A World Series. Maybe we just hope they continue to be record breaking and amazing teams that do so much for the communities of Pittsburgh.


7) More Art. This year we participated in a lot of art shows and even participated in an Unblurred. Now we hope that Pittsburgh makes art huge in 2016. More Exhibits like Project412 and #artisnotdead.

8)  More technology. With start-ups on the rise in Pittsburgh and Start-up Weekend, Nova Place and Alpha Lab steering the way we want to see more tech in Pittsburgh. More Apps, more innovation and more computers for an easier way of life.

9) More parks. The revitalization of the river fronts have us wanting more places to run and play along the river. Urban gardens, more parks and more outside activities like Kayaking and Paddle-boarding will be fun in the new year.

10) Continue moving forward. For our last wish we hope that Pittsburgh continues to end up on top ten lists and national articles. We hope that politics continue to move forward and provide for a healthy future of Pittsburgh. We hope that old becomes new again with old neighborhoods getting facelifts. 

Well here is to 2016. Lets see what Pittsburgh can do.