The New Music Movement

By: Amanda Narcisi

A career as a DJ, producer, or musician can be rough; maybe one of the roughest jobs you can have. The industry is cut-throat and filled with YouTube videos and gigs that don’t pay. Pittsburgh is no different. As a city, we have a ton of local talent, like the Clarks, and some big names such as Mac Miller and Wiz Kalifa have come out of the ‘Burgh. Most of the local artists I listened to while in college are not around anymore. I still listen to local music and I have my favorites and even my favorite venues to hear them. But how can they make it bigger? Most start phishing for gigs, a studio, or even a good basement to record in and a house or place to record a video. Some don't have the resources to do that; they attend every open mic they can just get discovered.

This idea of “The Starving Artist” is the fire behind MIC PGH and Crystal Sounds Management (CSM).

The Indigogo crowd fund campaign, MIC PGH hopes to raise $125,000 and has two goals. The first is to continue with the experimental research to find ways for musicians to have full-time jobs in music. The second is to show how local music is important to the entire Pittsburgh community.

The crowd-funded campaign begins April 19th. CSM is already in the business with a “Do it Different” approach to the music industry. They are a creative marketing and branding company that serves musicians, music businesses, and other creatives. MIC PGH’s focus is to aid Pittsburgh musicians to find a more relevant and full-time music careers here in the Steel City.

Part of the MIC PGH project is a special campaign named #CraftMusic. #CraftMusic will encourage Pittsburgh to view local music the same way they view Craft Beer-“bold, unique and uninhabited.” MIC PGH crowd fund will have mystery bags with rewards like local music products and craft breweries. With the project fully funded, MIC PGH and CSM will also host events that will bring together musicians and Pittsburgh.

If you wish to donate an item to the #CraftMusic mystery bags contact Jodie Ball at or Emily Plazek at For monetary donations stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for the launch of the Indigogo crowd fund on April 19th.