Alloy 26

By: Amanda Narcisi

For years Allegheny Center was a distant memory of Woolworth’s and Kauffman’s. Thanks to Faros Bros there is new life breathing into a mostly abandoned building.

This new building is named Nova Place and it is striving to become the tech hub for the city of Pittsburgh; think of it as Pittsburgh’s own Silicon Valley.

The former site of Woolworth’s department store, which has been sitting empty for over a decade, is now the site of Alloy 26. When you walk into this space now the only part of that Woolworth that remains is the floor. Perhaps that is it’s own homage to what it gives to the city: the old gets a new look, but the history is still there in the ground level.

Alloy 26 is a co-working space that was designed for creators and makers, but also start-ups and organizations. The 50,000 square feet of space will be able to house over 300 occupants through open space, small offices and larger conference rooms. Some of the rooms are already equipped with items like state-of-the-art televisions with cameras for conference calling and Skype calls. There is a conference space for speaker-led talks or a small conference. There is also an event space for networking or other happy hour-like events. Off of the main concourse is a full kitchen and even an area of lockers available for renting along with the monthly fee.

The packages for renting a space can range from a desk to an office in hopes to aid with growing a company and rates start at $75 and are month-to-month. The company can start small and rent a desk, then once they hire employees, they can opt to rent an office. Office sizes vary depending on the size of the group. This can save a start-up from the fear of renting a place and locking in a lease for 6 months to a year and it is a bit more affordable for them.

The space is gorgeous and fun. Each spot in the space was carefully thought out from the conference room chairs to the sitting areas placed throughout the space for quieter moments. There are even chairs that are designed to channel sound. The colors are fun and light which can improve productivity. There are also break spots throughout Alloy 26 with plush seating and plans for a ping pong table and a video gaming station. Murals with motivational statements were created and installed in Alloy 26 by local artists.

Alloy 26 is open for business and information on the space can be found at On Facebook and on Twitter.