Pittsburgh Predictions

By: Amanda Narcisi

It is a few days into 2017 and I dislike looking back on the past. We at BOLD had an amazing 2016 with a great deal of fun and lots of stories we brought to you. We launched BOLD Nights out Podcast with River Edge Radio. We just had a lot of fun this year. Don’t even get me going on the food we ate this year. From Alternative Protein to the Swankiest dinners over looking the city we can’t get over the food we tried. But what will 2017 bring us and the city of Pittsburgh.

Technology and Community

I think this will be the biggest part of 2017 and years past it. Not only the technology as we move forward as the silicon valley of the east but there is a shift in focus on how the technology of the region impacts everyone in their daily life. This year we saw technology ranging from self-driving cars to an app for mom’s to find day care to an art installation that shows how the wind blows. I think with more companies sprouting up here and the growth of things like Start-Up Weekend this will just continue to grow.

Food and Beverage

With the whisperings of what is to come this year in the restaurant scene we think this is one aspect of Pittsburgh that will not hit a plateau anytime soon. We look forward to what will move into Salt of the Earth and the continued breweries that will be popping up across the area. We hope that the new restaurants push new recipes, cocktails and new concepts. There are a lot of Restaurants doing the same thing or have a concept that doesn’t make sense. 


This is a movement happening across the country and is predicted to be big in 2017 is mental health awareness. This has a lot of potential in Pittsburgh from Acupuncture to Yoga to group talks. There is already a Yoga studio on every corner but I believe we will see a bit more float labs and alternative medicine pop up this year.

The statements above have no real scientific merit or are simply based on opinion and where I see the region going. Cheers to 2017 and the Pittsburgh way of life.