Listen, Lucy Brings a Journal to Life

By: Amanda Narcisi

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If you ever needed a journal with writing prompts to clear your mind and soul, Write it Out is coming to your desk this winter.

Write it Out is Jordan Corcoran second book that is meant to travel with you as a journal. Write it Out is filled with writing prompts promoting a safe place to let it all out and be honest. Some of the prompts include: "What do you do to get off the grid, and why does this help you?" "Write 5 positive things in your life and 5 positive things you want for your life”.

Listen Lucy was Jordan’s first book which sparked an online community. Listen, Lucyis home to many seeking a community to discuss challenges in life. Last month Listen, Lucy kicked off an online campaign called She Won’t Be Denied.

To get your copy of Write it Out, pre-order is available now on Amazon and for more information on Jordan Corcoran and Listen, Lucy check out Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.