Byron "Nasty" Nash

By: Amanda Narcisi

A few months ago I was introduced to Byron "Nasty" Nash's music when a new album debuted for him and his band Plan B. I started to listen to his jams and follow his musings on Instagram where he posts him just practicing almost daily. Then about a month ago I got to sit with Byron and asked if I could send him over some questions. Not only is he a talented artist he has the entreprenuer drive for success. 


Amanda: Who was your biggest influence and why?

Byron: "I guess I'd say my Grandmother because I learned a lot of valuable life lessons from her. She was also very adamant about exposing my brother and I to different cultures, art, plays, music and experiences. She was very worldly and I think her people skills and natural networking ability has rubbed off on me in many ways."

Amanda: If you could play music with one person who would it be?

Byron: "Prince."

Amanda: You have played a lot of shows lately; which one was the most surreal?

Byron: "Playing Thrival Festival this year was a landmark gig for my band PLANB. It was the biggest production and stage we had played so far. In addition to playing the main stage with my group, I was also invited to play solo at Thrival at their other functions that week, so the whole experience as a whole was pretty amazing. So I basically played Thrival three times this year!"

Amanda: You lead a Hustle Hard and It-will-pay-off life; Was that influenced by someone or did you always just know it?

Byron: "I try to draw inspiration and influence from anyone doing something positive. My Mom always held like three jobs as a single parent. My Dad still works hard to this day. So I think they both had a major impact of me always seeing people work for anything they had. It was a very simple "If you want something, work hard for it to get it" mentality.

Once I became a single parent, I slowly grew into that type of person cause' I felt like it was a me and the kid against the world type of thing.. Once I started working in the music business and started to actively pursue my own music career, I became more and more focused and hungry. Each year I try to push harder than the last, learn from previous errors and mistakes, and in time it just became a part of who I was. Plus, any artist or business person who I respect, worked exceptionally hard to get to where they are to be successful. I'm just following that same path of people who like to win."

Amanda: Do you feel that the “business” side of music just as important as the talent?

Byron: "It is actually more important than talent. Sad, but true. Artists typically aren't savvy in business because they just want to create. I feel fortunate that I think I have both side: art and business. You have to always be willing to learn because the game is changing daily." 

Amanda: Your go to pump up song?

Byron: '"A New Level" by Pantera.'

Amanda: What do you feel is the most important attribute for a musician?

Byron: "You have to be honest with yourself and your art in order for it to truly resonate with and touch people. Honest art is the kind that stands the test of time, no matter what style or genre it is."

Amanda: Favorite Food?

Byron: "Soul food."

Amanda: The one thing you never leave home without.

Byron: "My business card."

Amanda: Cold Beer or Cocktail?

Byron: "Cocktail."

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