Pittsburgh Drinks

By: Amanda Narcisi


Pittsburgh has been making news in the last few years when it comes to food and alcohol. The Steel City has always had a great history when it comes to enjoying its vibrant bar scene.

Pittsburgh have one of the oldest breweries, Penn Brewery, in the North Side. During Prohibition the Hill District was filled with great music and speakeasies. We had discos and nightlife galore since the 70’s and well into the 90’s. Today there is an eccentric craft cocktail movement fueled by a return to the nightlife.

Cody McDevitt, an award-winning journalist, joins Sean Enright, a founding father of the craft cocktail movement, to write the book on Pittsburgh alcohol history. Pittsburgh Drinks: A History of Cocktails, Nightlife and Bartending Tradition will tell the history of how Pittsburgh spends its Friday nights.

Coming March 20, 2017, Pittsburgh Drinks will be available from Arcadia Publishing. For more information, follow Pittsburgh Drinks on Twitter and Facebook and check out the Facebook page for some events like Meet the Authors and a Book Release Party. Cheers!