Paint Nite

By Steven Fernald

Are you looking for a group event where you and your friends are can have fun, bond, relax, and toss back a few adult beverages? Let us introduce Paint Nite Party. Painting venues are all over Pittsburgh, but Paint Nite is different because it takes place in a restaurant or bar, hotel, casino, and even your own home. Paint Nite Pittsburgh has been around a few years now and the Pittsburgh division is owned and licensed by Connie Dusak. I attended my first ever Paint Nite, well, any painting event for that matter. I did not expect the night to be a party. Connie has a tag line for Paint Nite: “Ain’t no party like a Paint Nite Party”.

The painting you will chose does vary depending on the event. There is no need for any previous skill or art background at all. As you look around the room everyones painting is a bit different and shows everyones own touch and expressions.  There was also a lot of jamming to the awesome play list that Connie had prepared with music ranging from Journey to Bruno Mars with a bit of Elvis and some old school hip hop tossed in.

Connie went step by step to help you create the perfect painting. Connie commands the room when she walks you through step by step on blending colors, the proper way to shade, and even the proper way to drink your adult beverage. In Connie’s opinion, however the hell you want to to drink your beverage is proper. I watched everyone in the thirty person group from ages 21 and up just have a wonderful time, relax, enjoy the company of their friends and family. They created something that they will have for a lifetime and can hang on their wall. Paint Nite is perfect for Girls Night, Couples Night, Family get together, and or a Special Event like a Birthday or Bachelorette party. Each Paint Nite is at various locations and all are 21+. You can even book one in your home.

For more information of up coming event can be found at PAINTNITE.COM.  If you have any questions you can also reach Connie Dusak via email at Paint Nite does not supply alcohol.

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