She Won't Be Denied

By: Amanda Narcisi

As a female you know when the world is stacked against you it is hard to find a striving force. In steps a new Social Media Campaign from Listen, Lucy. She Won’t be Denied is a campaign to highlight that women have the strength and perseverance to get ahead personally and professionally. The campaign will highlight women from everywhere; mothers, entrepreneurs, teachers and doctors and all women everywhere. 

She Won’t Be Denied will showcase these women across social media and it encourages women to post pictures of themselves when most of the time they want to shy away from the camera. 

Listen, Lucy, the company behind She Won’t Be Denied, is a safe space where creativity and expression can be expressed freely in a safe space. Jordan Corcoran a motivational speaker, a mental health advocate and author started Listen, Lucy after graduation from Mercyhurst College. During her freshman year she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder and after a struggle to over come Jordan created this safe haven.

To participate in She Won’t Be Denied head onto your favorite social media, snap a picture of accomplishments or making strides in life and hashtag #SheWontBeDenied and tag @listenlucy. For more information check out and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.