Wide Awake: A 7-Day Visual Guide to Calm the Mind and Get the Sleep You Deserve

By: Amanda Narcisi


Emily Ford Marko is a visual storyteller that helps businesses solve problems with visuals. She draws out the issues effecting the business and helps them come to a conclusion. Emily was struggling with a problem of her own: a unique sleep type.


Discovering her sleep type led to her writing Wide Awake: A 7-Day Guide to Calm the Mind and Get the Sleep You Deserve with the idea that she wanted to help clients who had the same issue. Sleeplessness.

In Wide Awake there are activities for the reader to discover what their sleep type is and then activities to help clear the path for that sleep type to get some rest.

To kick off Emily debut book attend a book release party on September 29, 2017 between 6-8PM at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall, 300 Beechwood Avenue in Carnegie, PA. There will be activities highlighted in the book. The event is family friendly and child care is provided by Flexable Child Care. The theme of the book release is “date night” however not your typical dinner and movie. Light refreshments will be served.

For more information about Emily Marko and Wide Awake check out emilymarko.com.