Take on the World With a New Children's Book

By: Amanda Narcisi

Go on Adventures.
Explore the World.
And when you found your place,

The world is a scary place right now. We are bombarded with news and negativity, bullying and just not finding a place to belong. This is true when you are younger more than as an adult. Kids don't understand what is going on and ask all the right questions.

My Place in the World.

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For Atlee, she asked for one more bedtime story from her mom, Aryanna Berringer. Having just ended her run for Lt. Governor, Aryanna Berringer told a story of a young girl in her yellow boots going out into the world to find her own. Atlee will take her adventures scaling mountains and touch the seas and even into the White House. Atlee’s story is to prove that young women are bold and are setting out to prove they can do anything.

The author takes on the world.

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My Place in the World’s author, Aryanna Berringer is an Iraq War Veteran, wife, mom, businesswoman, columnist and social advocate. Aryanna is a Global IT Manager for multiple Fortune 500 companies. In 2017, Aryanna ran for Lt. Governor against an incumbent. After she ended her campaign she co-founded a political action committee called Fight the PAC which has a mission to level the financial field in politics. Currently, Aryanna is pursuing her Ph.D. from Point Park University here in Pittsburgh, PA. Aryanna is also involved in many organizations including Truman National Security Project, an Oxfam Sisters on the Planet Ambassador, and belongs to many civic organizations to include the NAACP, VFW and The Mission Continues.

Get a copy!

My Place in the World is released on October 15th at Amazon and aryannaberringer.com. For more information and to follow along on the adventure visit Aryanna on Instagram @aryannaberringer on Facebook or at aryannaberringer.com

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