Happy Birthday BOOM

By: Amanda Narcisi

Five years ago a space opened in Garfield that made changes to the landscape of the borough as well as the crew behind today’s BOOM Concepts.

Not So Long Ago

BOOM Concepts opened in March of 2004 as a home for Magic Organs, a project of DS Kinsel and Julie Mallis, and JENESIS Magazine. Shortly after opening and forming relationships with neighbors Assemble and Most Wanted Fine Art, they started to get inquiries about using the space after the closing of local clubs like Shadow Lounge and Ava.

Since the opening of BOOM Concepts, it has hosted 42 Unblurred events, hosted over 250 events and have gained partnerships with Carnegie Museums, Andy Warhol Museum and many more.


BOOM Concepts Now

On March 22nd begins BOOM Concepts first fundraiser with some events and an online push to raise $5,000. The money raised will benefit in-house programs, operations of studio locations including Bloomcraft in Oakland and BOOM Studios in the Allentown neighborhood and art supplies that are free for members of communities and members.

On March 22nd there will be an event to kick-off the fundraising efforts. The event will include small bites, auction of local artwork and words from BOOM Artists and supporters. There will be a $15 donation fee for the kick-off.

Following the March 22nd event, there are follow-up events scheduled including participating in RedFishBowl’s “Wilkins Block Party” on April 27th at Schenley Park (Veterans Pavilion) from 2P-10P with multiple performers, vendors, live painting and more.

More Information

For more information on all of the events and how to donate visit https://www.boomuniverse.co or follow BOOM on all social media outlets.