New Event Space in Pittsburgh Opens in Popular Restaurant

By: Amanda Narcisi

Superior Motors in Braddock opens new space for events.

Superior Motors in Braddock opens new space for events.

In the last two years, Superior Motors has made the news countless times for its creative menu, exciting ambiance and its famous chef Kevin Sousa. Now Superior Motors is making waves in the event space by opening new rooms in it’s Braddock location geared just towards events.

The Rooms 

The main dining room with the open kitchen, sprawling bar, and bar brick walls is the first of the space for up to 75 guests. Magerac, the new name for the dining area, will have bar seating, sunken lounge seats, and elevated booths. 

The Edgar Thompson Room is now off to the side with a view of the Edgar J. Thompson Steel Mill, has private access, seats 50 guests in an extended table seating and currently has custom artwork from Mia Tarducci.

As you make your way back a secluded hallway, there is a hidden room, The Speakeasy. This small room holds about 10 with one long bar with stools for seating. The Speakeasy is perfect for a private event where a door attendant must usher you in. The Speakeasy is also available for a Chef’s Table for ten friends to enjoy Kevin Sousa’s select menu. 

Tucked around the side of the restaurant, The Superior Patio with communal seating, a fire pit, a private bar, Braddock Community Bread Oven, a grill and a canopy of string lights. The Superior Patio holds up to 75 guests with plenty of seating along numerous benches and communal tables.

Other amenities include AV/Presentation equipment, open bar and service, outside seating, custom menus and cocktails, coat check, valet service (possible extra charge), on and off-street parking, ticketing, and promotion of the event. Also, Superior Motor’s event manager can assist and make recommendations for security, rentals, florals, bakeries, music entertainment, and bridal services.

The New Neighbors

New Barebones Black Box Theater holds 100 guests for special events.

New Barebones Black Box Theater holds 100 guests for special events.

Black Box Barebones Theater also opened in the back of Superior Motors. The theater has a lobby space and main theater; both will hold up to 100 guests. The performance space has seating for 70. Black Box Barebones Theater is perfect for Movie Screenings, podcasts and broadcasts, acoustic musical performances and dance performances. The lobby has a built-in bar and space for dining seating. 

The Information

To book the event space at Superior Motors, contact Chris Clark, the General Manager at the restaurant: 412.271.1022. Superior Motors is located in the Braddock neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh.