Daddy Long Legs

By: Amanda Narcisi

When I sat down last week for the musical Daddy Long Legs at Pittsburgh Public Theater, I didn’t expect the emotional ride I was about to take. I never saw the movie and hadn’t even heard of the play when I found myself between moments of crying and laughing.

Daddy Long Legs is a musical about a girl, Jurusha (Danielle Bowen) who is an orphan that was granted a chance to go to college from a trustee of the orphanage with only one condition: she must write a letter every month to the trustee. She aptly names him Daddy Long Legs because she doesn’t know who he is, except the shadow she saw as he left the orphanage that resembled a Daddy Long Legs spider. As the play unfolds we meet Jervis (Allan Snyder) who is really Daddy Long Legs. Then in the biggest twist the two fall in love which leads to the tears when she turns down his hand in marriage. In the end, it was happy ever after, but Daddy Long Legs as well as the comedic romantic fire the two shared for one another was a perfect combination.

Set in 1908, Daddy Long Legs also has various jokes about women’s right to vote and how life for young women was changing from home makers to women studying and having careers. The ironic comedy appealed to the audience that was filled with laughter.

Daddy Long Legs is at the O’Reilly Theater through April 9th with various show times. For tickets and more information visit