Death of a Salesman

By: Amanda Narcisi

Death of a Salesman is one of the best-known plays and this performance of it should go down in history. I did laugh and I did cry and the next day I was questioning the purpose of life.


Willy Loman has been a salesman as long as he can remember. In his older years, he is tired and not making a salary anymore and commission from sales are not making the bills. These issues and the constant frustration of his oldest son having a falling out with. These issues, plus the constant frustration from a falling out with his oldest son, make a man who is delusional and frustrated. throughout the play you can see how the events in his life contribute to his eventual insanity and demise. It is a riveting story of family, love and hard work. The play is moving and the audience was often gasping and on the edge of our seat during each scene. During the play, we also got a look at a life of Biff the oldest son who has never been able to decide who he is and what he should do in life. There is also the other son, Happy, who is in the constant shadow of Biff and strives to be the apple of Willy’s eye. In the end he is left disappointed. Death of a Salesman is a moving and emotional play and I suggest you bring the tissues.

Death of a Salesman runs through May 21st at various dates and times. Check out for more information and to get tickets. Enjoy!