Welcome Home to Pittsburgh Public Theater 2018/2019

By: Amanda Narcisi


The 2018/2019 season of Pittsburgh Public Theater ushers in a new artistic director and a spin on some great classics. The season is named Welcome Home.

Starting September 27th will be the classic Pride and Prejudice. Written by Kate Hamil and directed by Desdemona Chiang this adaptation will take the tale into a wild new show. The story tells of the Bennet sisters and there need to save the family estate by marrying. However, Lizzie is in no hurry and doesn't take the romances past the second date. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 5.55.08 PM.png

With the theme of Welcome Home nothing should be more relevant then a play set in Reading Pennsylvania. Sweat follows the life of nine friends from 2000-2008. Steam highlights these individuals as the Ousted Steel Tubing plant where they work begins layoff and lockouts. Join them as they drink and discuss dreams in a time of real uncertainty. Steam is written by Lynn Nottage and directed by Justin Emeka and begins November 8th, 2018.

With every season brings a Shakespeare play to Pittsburgh Public Theater and in 2019 we will see The Tempest take stage in a unique twist. Written by William Shakespeare and directed by Marya Sea Kaminski, The Tempest is about a magical world of sailors, spirits and love. The Tempest is usually set in a tropical climate, but in staying true to Pittsburgh it will take  place in a winter climate. The Tempest begins January 24th, 2019.

A Dolls House Part 2 comes to Pittsburgh Public Theater March 7th, 2019. A Dolls House Part 2 is written by Lucas Hnath and is directed by Ted Pappas. This uncanny play is a sequel to the Ibsen play A Dolls House, which was controversial when it was written. At the time it was unheard of for a woman, Nora, to walk out on their husband. In A Dolls House Part 2 Nora is forced to came back into the home 15 years later to confront Torvald, the husband she left, for a divorce. Drama ensues as she negotiates terms of the divorce and deals with her daughter, Emma as a result.

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Indecent is a story based on the true events of a Jewish playwright and an acting troupe. In Indecent Sholem Asch brings a play to the stage in 1923 that is so controversial that everyone is arrested it’s opening night. The play is a love story between two women in a brothel.  Indecent is written by Paula Vogel and directed by Risa Branin and will come to the stage on April 18th.

The last play of the season is Marjorie Prime; coming to Pittsburgh Public Theater on May 30th, 2019. During the running of Marjorie Prime there will be collaboration with a few tech sectors in Pittsburgh. Chotek, Ascender and Thrival Festival will all have a part with the show. Marjorie Prime is a play about the future where anyone can make a “prime”, a hologram of a loved one that passed on. Marjorie is an elderly woman who's memory is slipping and she made Walter, her husband, into a “prime”, however, she decided to interact with a much younger Walter. Marjorie Prime is written by Jordan Harrison and directed by Marya Sea Kaminski. 

Season tickets for next season are now on sale now by going to ppt.org/subscribe or call 412-316-1600. The Pittsburgh Public Theater’s home is the O’Reilly Theater at 621 Penn Ave in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. For more information visit ppt.org.