A Doll's House

By: Amanda Narcisi


Pittsburgh Public Theater welcomes back Ted Pappas to the Director role this March for A Doll’s House 2. 

A Doll’s House Past and Present

A Doll’s House, the original play, was written by Henrik Ibsen. It is set in 1879 in a small Norwegian town and tells story of Nora, a wife to Torvald and mother. Nora is feeling un-fulfilled in a male-dominated world. As a result she leaves Torvald, which at the time is unheard of. 

In a Doll’s House 2, Nora returns after 15 years to ask Torvald to officially divorce her. As an added twist, Nora has battles with the nanny and now grown daughter, Emmy. Written by Lucas Hnath this broadway hit is laugh out loud and thought provoking as it takes a look at divorce, law and parenthood. 

See A Doll’s House 2 

A Doll’s House 2 visits Pittsburgh Public Theater from March 7th to April 7th. Tickets start at $30 and times of performance varies based on the day. Purchase tickets now by calling 412.316.1600, visit ppt.org or at the O’Reilly Theater Box Office.