By: Amanda Narcisi

This season at Pittsburgh Public Theater continues to break molds; this time with Indecent. Indecent brings an exciting story of a brothel, a Jewish playwright and God of Vengeance.

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The Play

Indecent follows 10 actors and musicians as they follow the path of Sholem Asch’s controversial God of Vengeance. God of Vengeance was the first play by a Jewish playwright to open on Broadway. God of Vengeance is about a family who owns a brothel and arranges a marriage for his daughter until she falls in love3 with one of the prostitutes. God of Vengeance tells of their love story with fantastic scenes and imagery.

God of Vengeance was a hit in Europe; however, when it opened on Broadway in 1923, the entire cast was arrested for obscenity.

Indecent is told through this story and the impact it had on the Stage Manager, Lemmi, played in this production by Maury Ginsberg. The effect it had on the acting troupe and the audience.

Pittsburgh Public Theater

Indecent is at Pittsburgh Public Theater from April 18th through May 19th. There will be several special events including:

-Friday, May 3: Blacksea Klez with Lynette Garlan (Accordion), Kevin Danchik (Percussion), Phil Vanouse (Tuba & Trombone), Mark Poloka (Clarinet & Sax), and Jim Rumbaugh (Clarinet).

-Friday, May 10: KleZlectic with Janice Coppola (Clarinet), Laura Daniels (Keyboard), and Roger Day (Tuba).

-Friday, May 17: Tom Roberts playing 78s from his personal collection of Klezmer music on a classic Victrola.

-Sunday, April 28: After the 2 pm performance, Eric Lidji, Director of the Rauh Jewish History Program & Archives at the Heinz History Center, will discuss “Behind the Scenes of the Fascinating, True History of Yiddish Theater in Pittsburgh.”

For tickets visit, visit the box office at The O'Reilly Theater or call 412-316-1600.

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