A Few Good Men

By: Amanda Narcisi

Rocky Bleier.JPG

"You can't handle the truth!"

This iconic line from Aaron Sorkin's movie, A Few Good Men, will be shouted from the stage at Pittsburgh Public Theater this September. 

A Few Good Men

The movie gave a glance into boot camp and the lives of two men who suspected of carrying out a crime against a fellow soldier. The two soldiers, Dawson and Downey, is accused of killing a member of their platoon they were supposed to protect. 

The trail following the heinous crime is filled with great drama when JoAnne Galloway believes there is a higher level at fault for the crime. The result is taking the commanding officer at Guantanamo Bay to the bench and exposing a truth that rocks the courtroom.

Bringing the Court to Stage

Pittsburgh Public Theater will bring A Few Good Men to the stage at the O'Reilly Theater on September 12 and through October 13 with various dates and times. The play will bring a cast of 19 to the scene including Ryan Patrick Kearney (Dawson), Micheal Patrick Trimm (Downey), Alison Weisgall (Galloway), Burke Moses (Jessep) and Doug Harris (Kaffee). Two historical Pittsburghers will play the Judge, Former Pittsburgh Steeler and Vietnam Vet Rocky Bleier and KDKA's Larry Richert will each have their appearances. 

A Few Good Men is on stage from September 12 through October 13. Ticket prices start at $30 — tickets for students and age 26 and younger: $16.50. Tickets can be purchased contact 412.316.1600, ppt.org, or the O'Reilly Theater Box Office. 

***In connection with A Few Good MenPittsburgh Public Theater will host the Veteran's Breakfast Club on Sunday, September 29 from 11 am to 1 pm. The Veterans Breakfast Club includes servicemen and women from all branches of the military who get together to share stories as well as meals. This exceptional brunch will be open to Public Theater patrons who purchase a ticket to the 2 pm performance of A Few Good Men on September 29, but space is limited. To RSVP or for more information, contact Shaun Hall, Director of Education and Community Engagement, at shall@ppt.org. Groups of 10 or more should contact Group Sales Manager, Katina White, at 412.316.8221 or groupsales@ppt.org***