An Act of God

By: Amanda Narcisi

The play An Act of God is a comedy that highlights how god would change the Ten Commandments for today and he debuts his version of a new universe: Version 2.0. It was written by David Javerbaum was writing for TV before books and a famous Twitter account led to An Act of God. David Javerbaum began writing for David Letterman and then three years with The Onion. In 1999 he was hired as a staff writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart which eventually led him to be the show’s executive producer. It was this work that earned him 11 Emmy Awards. In 2010 he left the Daily Show, but then created a book called The Last Testament: A Memoir by God. While writing the memoir, he began the Twitter account for God named: @TheTweetOfGod. The account was eventually hacked and David shut it down, however it was this Twitter account that An Act of God was based on. An Act of God opened on Broadway in 2015 starring Jim Parsons and then in 2016 with Sean Hayes.

Point Park graduate Marcus Stevens returns to Pittsburgh to play God. He is joined on stage by Tim McGreever as Michael and John Shepard plays Gabriel.

In An Act of God, God comes to us here in Pittsburgh through an actor and discusses how he wants to change the original Ten Commandments and update them for today. God discusses terrorism, sexuality and other current events. He also answered questions like prayers and why he lets people die. At the end God said that he created Steve Jobs and they have laid out plans for the universe version 2.0; where the good get what they deserve, the bad get bad things, no one dies, and prayers are answered in a timely manner. This new universe started last night in Pittsburgh. The entire evening was hilarious and filled with amazing writing and strong characters.

Pittsburgh Pubic Theater brings An Act of God to the O’Reilly Theater June 1st through July 2nd. Show times vary and tickets start at $25 and can be found at PPT.ORG.