International Travel

In this month’s travel blog, I am joined by my friend and agent Michelle, who specializes in Europe and group travel. Today we want to focus on the amazing vacations that happen on the “other side of the pond” so to speak. She has a wealth of helpful tips for overseas travel!

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Destination Weddings

By: Jennifer Novotny

It’s wedding season! As Pittsburgh transitions into full bloom (thanks to all the rain), we will all start to notice more and more happy couples tying the knot in our communities. But increasingly, you may notice that many couples are opting to go a different route: a destination wedding!


Why, you may ask? Well, it’s really a wedding and honeymoon all rolled into one! As much as we love our dear Steel City, the truth is, many of us love the warmer climes of the south, and we have happy memories associated there. So, why not make one of the happiest days of your life that much happier?

So let’s talk about where these weddings are happening. I’ll start off with mentioning the islands of the Caribbean. In particular, there are many all-inclusive resorts with phenomenal wedding packages. In fact, Sandals Resorts offers a wedding package for almost no charge when booked along with your vacation package. You are assigned a wedding coordinator, they provide for your guests, and they have a huge array of amenities to make your special day more… well, special! Are kiddos needing to be in attendance? Not a problem. Beaches Resorts can offer the same great services. Of course there are other fabulous resorts on islands such as Jamaica, and scheduling a wedding can be fairly simple.

Another wedding spot is Mexico, and Pittsburgh offers many charter flights to Riviera Maya, one of the most popular destinations. Resorts here vary in terms of wedding offerings, but you can be sure that many of the all-inclusive properties are ready and willing to assist you and your party throughout the planning process.


Not wanting an international destination? No problem. Let’s talk about my favorite spot: Walt Disney World! Do you know that a wedding here can be much more affordable than you think? There are a lot of options to choose from. There are several locations throughout the entire property that can house a wedding, and there is an entire wedding department to assist you with the big day. This is truly THE place to go to feel like a princess (or prince) on your wedding day. Again, there are many packages to choose from, and all can be customized to help you create your dream wedding. Oh and if you want, Mickey Mouse can even make an appearance … talk about magical!

If you are considering a destination wedding, it’s best to start planning early. I also highly recommend using a travel planner. With so many details in the works, it can easily become overwhelming for the bride and groom. Travel planners will work tirelessly to ensure you don’t miss any detail of the getaway portion, and in most cases, we can work hand in hand with the wedding coordinator, allowing you to relax and enjoy the process. We can also suggest the best way to accommodate your guests and assist them with their travel arrangements. We can also help you with wedding registries to allow your guests to contribute to some of the vacation costs!

Already married? Vow renewals are easily handled as well! Regardless of whether you’re unmarried or have been married for 50 years, a destination wedding is always a fun choice!